Adam Szalach, Veslava Osińska, The Online Book Compendium. Information Visualization

Adam Szalach, Veslava Osińska

The Online Book Compendium. Information Visualization


The visualization of knowledge and information are currently rapidly developing areas of research and practical applications in science, culture, business, and media. Images can effectively convey valuable information on different levels of abstraction and for different audiences, which is why every text document should be enriched with illustrations.

This video introduces the audience to the work “WIZualizacja INFOrmacji. Studium informatologiczne” by Veslav Osińska, through the revelation of its visual content. The viewer or potential reader at a dedicated web site can view all the details of infographics, maps and charts included in the book thanks to the scaling option. They can also get a comprehensive view of the content, as the chapters are integrated into a content map and have graphical abstracts, and the most important events in the history of visualization development are presented in a timeline. The authors have set themselves the goals of making the book description more dynamic and to present it graphically.


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Information Visualization, Book Promotion, Infographics, Information Maps


Translated by: Adrian Mróz (SL: Abenteuerzeit)

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