Andrzej Radomski, Research on the Cover Art of Polish Social and Political Weeklies

Andrzej Radomski

Research on the Cover Art of Polish Social and Political Weeklies


We live in a world dominated by images. They have also become an important subject within humanities research. One of the biggest problems of studying films, photos, illustrations – all kinds of graphics in general – is the large amount of data – referred to as Big Data. Old methods turn out to be completely unsuitable for researching this new type of data. For over a dozen years the digital humanities have been developing dynamically, offering new tools for studying Big Data. In this video article, an example of a new approach to the visualization of images is presented. The advantages of these new tools and methods are presented using the example of the analysis of the cover art of Polish social and political magazines. Altogether, several thousand of these covers were examined and visualised. A comparative analysis was also carried out. It was shown that there are fundamental differences between right-wing conservative and left-wing liberal periodicals when it comes to the colour scheme of illustrations.


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Big Data, Analysis, Visualization, Digital Humanities, Digital Tools, Weekly Press Covers


Translated by: Adrian Mróz (SL: Abenteuerzeit)

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