Klaudia Fornal, Anna Kostrzewska, Yeva Radczenko, Vita Brevis Ars Longa

Klaudia Fornal, Anna Kostrzewska, Yeva Radczenko

Vita Brevis Ars Longa


Vita brevis, ars longa is a film made within the framework of classes on making historical films. It is a movie about a historical cemetery on Lipowa Street in Lublin. The title refers to the topic of the film, whose content is the art of creating old tombstones. We aimed to present and explain the symbolism of the elements depicted on the tombs, due to the fact that they are not placed there by accident. These symbols refer to religion, Holy Scripture, but also to antiquity, such as ancient Greece. In the film, we also wanted to present – as the title suggests – that art is eternal and carries with it tangible images that have been preserved in culture for many centuries.


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Plastyka nagrobków, http://lipowa.cmentarz.lublin.pl/wazne-miejsca/plastyka-nagrobkow/  


Lublin, Linden, Art, Cemetery, Necropolis, Art History, Symbol, Death, Tombs, Religion, Visual History, Historical Film, Research Film


Translated by: Adrian Mróz (SL: Abenteuerzeit)

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