Krzysztof Cześniak, Michał Duda, Kacper Dudzik, Tomasz Skuza, Emilia Wielgos – The History of Video Games in Poland

Krzysztof Cześniak, Michał Duda, Kacper Dudzik, Tomasz Skuza, Emilia Wielgos

The History of Video Games in Poland


Our video is an attempt to present a history of computer games in Poland.

The subject matter is closely correlated with technological progress in the field of mathematical machines and computers. One should also remember that the origins of this phenomenon can be traced back to a period when Poland was an Eastern Bloc country with limited access to the latest technologies.

With the development of the first electronic mathematical machine in the late 1950s, we note that there have been attempts to use these machines to create games. However, the scope of such phenomena is limited and involves a narrow circle of experts.

Advances in the development of technology and the possibility of using a television set as a visual interface result in widespread access to such devices. The number of people who experiment with programming is growing. Computer games are a particular domain of exploration. There are polonized copies of western products, their modifications, and at last authorial creations. The first production teams and companies creating games begin to appear. This leads us to the situation in which Polish game developers have become world leaders, which is evidenced by the success of the game production entitled The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which has been awarded the title of “Game of the Year” in the 2015 Golden Joystick Awards.


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Online Sources:

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Video Game History, Mathematical Machines, Computers, XYZ, Odra, Games, 8 Bit Games, PC, ZX Spectrum, Atari, Game Consoles, Xbox, PS4 (PlayStation 4), The Witcher, E-sports.


Translated by: Adrian Mróz (SL: Abenteuerzeit)

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