Magdalena Kaminska, The Memosphere. The Selfie

Magdalena Kamińska

The Memosphere. The Selfie


The subject of this video essay is the phenomenon of the digital photo autoportrait, commonly referred to as a selfie, “selfy” (fotka z ręki) or vulgarly as a “samojebka”. The author of this video discusses the history of this extremely popular form of photography and its place in the history of Western art and culture. She also presents the practice of taking pictures of this kind for humorous purposes, the creation of their vernacular genologies and their links with other controversial phenomena of contemporary culture, such as dark tourism. Finally, critical evaluation of popular stereotypes about the “selfie” is undertaken and attempts to assess its value as a source of unreleased available data, which provides a wealth of information on the everyday life of contemporary people.


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Selfie, Digital Self-Portrait, Mobile Photography, Cyber-Culture


Translated by: Adrian Mróz (SL: Abenteuerzeit)

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