Sidey Myoo, Aesthetics in Postmedia – so what’s next?

Sidey Myoo

Aesthetics in Postmedia – so what’s next?


In this video article, reference is made to the ongoing discourse on post-media and post-media art, mainly with regard to the question of whether it is justified to treat media as being undifferentiated due to the central importance of some media at a certain point in time, such as historical time. The post-media attitude tending to not differentiate between any media stands in opposition to the tendency to point to a dominant medium such as the Internet in the past few years, and today there is a discussion in this sense on artificial intelligence or hybridization. In this presentation, a consideration is given to the need and significance of observing the development and transformation of reality in terms of a paradigmatic medium that determines the tendency of human and world development.

The video shows examples of works of electronic art and the presentation itself is recorded at the Academia Electronica in Second Life (


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Translated by: Adrian Mróz (SL: Abenteuerzeit)

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