About Medialica

Dear colleagues,

We would like to provide you with a new form of publication in the field of scholarly research with our journal named Medialica. Multimedia Studies in the Humanities.

The main idea underlying the establishment of the scientific periodical Medialica is the conviction that today’s scholarly knowledge can be presented not only in the form of a written text, but also in the form of other media based on the use of video technology.

We hereby provide you with a platform where you can publish research results from all disciplines – the humanities, as well as the social sciences and art – in a multimedia format. We are confident that images and sound, combined with text, will shine new light on scientific communication, making it more comprehensive, better able to reflect the richness and diversity of various aspects of reality, as well as more suited to the sensitivities of the contemporary audience, nurtured in the audiovisual landscape. We would like to encourage you to collaborate with us and to submit your video-articles. The creators of the journal’s two logos are Grzegorz Biliński and Mariusz Sołtysik.


Translated by: Adrian Mróz (SL: Abenteuerzeit)